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You’ll sleep in comfort on a Savvy Rest mattress from The Green Life in Burlington, Vermont. That’s because you won’t worry about breathing in whatever your mattress is breathing out.

All Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses are made of natural latex foam rubber—not synthetic, bio-hybrid or blended foam. The casings are made of certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. You’ve probably read some worrying things about flame retardants. Savvy Rest mattresses use wool batting to meet all federal requirements regarding flammability. In other words, no chemicals!

Natural latex provides supreme comfort, support and pressure relief, and did you know that natural materials outlast those used in most conventional mattresses? These mattresses respond reliably to your weight and shape for many years. 

At The Green Life, you can choose your Savvy Rest mattress—from very firm to very soft, and everything in between. You can even customize your mattress to each partner’s preference—soft on one side, firmer on the other! 

Savvy Rest mattresses at The Green Life start at just $2899! Contact us for Savvy Rest pricing and options. 802.881.0633 / contactus@thegreenlifevt.com

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