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A Good Night’s Sleep that’s Good For You

When you lie down at night, you want your cares to drift away—all of them.  The Green Life In Burlington, Vermont features organic and all-natural, cotton, wool and latex mattresses. At The Green Life, you’ll find a sleep that’s not only good, but good for you.

The greatest scientist of all time is Mother Nature, creator of natural solutions like breathable organic cotton and microbe-resistant natural latex.  And if science invented wool, they’d call it a wonder-product.  Wool repels dust mites, acts as a natural fire retardant, and keeps your body warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Your all-natural night’s sleep starts at The Green Life in Burlington, where we proudly carry three fabulous natural mattress brands. 

We at The Green Life look forward to helping you choose your perfect organic or all-natural mattress!

White Lotus

The Green Life is proud to carry the fabulous White Lotus natural mattress collection. White Lotus has been crafting green and organic standard and custom mattresses since 1981. Their product line includes both 100% organic options as well as green and organic ones. White Lotus uses wool, natural latex, and more to create mattresses, cushions, covers and pillows to meet everyone’s individual comfort level. And, White Lotus products are built to the highest standard—these organic and green mattresses provide many years of all-natural comfort. You can even order custom-made organic and all natural mattresses through the Green Life.

White Lotus queen-size mattresses at The Green Life start at just $755!  Contact us for White Lotus pricing and options. 802.881.0633 / contactus@thegreenlifevt.com

Savvy Rest

You’ll sleep in comfort on a Savvy Rest mattress from The Green Life in Burlington, Vermont. That’s because you won’t worry about breathing in whatever your mattress is breathing out.

All Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses are made of natural latex foam rubber—not synthetic, bio-hybrid or blended foam. The casings are made of certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. You’ve probably read some worrying things about flame retardants. Savvy Rest mattresses use wool batting to meet all federal requirements regarding flammability. In other words, no chemicals!

Natural latex provides supreme comfort, support and pressure relief, and did you know that natural materials outlast those used in most conventional mattresses? These mattresses respond reliably to your weight and shape for many years. 

At The Green Life, you can choose your Savvy Rest mattress—from very firm to very soft, and everything in between. You can even customize your mattress to each partner’s preference—soft on one side, firmer on the other! 

Savvy Rest mattresses at The Green Life start at just $2899! Contact us for Savvy Rest pricing and options. 802.881.0633 / contactus@thegreenlifevt.com

Heart of Vermont

For a Vermont-based store such as The Green Life, you don’t get any more local than Heart of Vermont, just 40 or so minutes south of us in Barre. Heart of Vermont makes everything you need for a great night’s sleep or an afternoon nap, including organic mattresses and futons, organic sheets, organic pillows, organic mattress covers, and lots more.  We at The Green Life love Heart of Vermont’s product line because not only is this company a great Vermont success story, but every day, these folks are proving that a comfortable, all-natural sleep isn’t just a dream—it’s an affordable reality! Check out Heart of Vermont’s great organic sleep products at The Green Life. 

Heart of Vermont Queen-size mattresses at The Green Life start at just $1219.00.  Contact us for Heart of Vermont pricing and options. 802.881.0633 / contactus@thegreenlifevt.com