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We want to do our part and make our planet healthier.

Today, everyone is embracing a greener lifestyle by buying organic food, recycling, and changing out thteir lightbulbs. Beyond that, it's important to realize that every purchase decision made has an impact on the Earth. Consuming less is eco-friendly but at some point everyone needs to buy something new.

Choosing “green” products that won't have a negative impact on the Earth, or at least, a lessened affect is the way to go.

We created The Green Life to make it easier for our customers to buy products that are sustainable, recycled, upcycled or made of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or bamboo. Buying green goods helps reduce the amount of waste filling up landfills, helps protect our natural resources, and helps reduce the toxins and chemicals surrounding us.

Shannon always dreamed of owning her own boutique. Mike has an ever increasing concern over the health of our planet. Both wanted to learn how to minimize their impact on the Earth. Wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle,  Shannon’s urban style and Mike’s eco-awareness combined to create The Green Life—a unique shopping experience in Burlington, Vermont.

The Hassenbergs

Michael and Shannon Brennan-Hassenberg, Business Owners

The Green Life is a one-stop shop for wonderful organic and eco-friendly products. We created our store to help our customers find everything they need for their lifestyle and home while making choices that help minimize our impact on this big blue ball. We carry unique products from Cisco Brothers, Savvy Rest, Coyuchi, Yala Design, White Lotus Home, Aden & Anais, Under the Nile, Life Factory, and Oeuf NYC. We hope to see you in our store.